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Week Commencing 29 February 2016

Q: Who will be present to answer questions at the parents meetings on March 7? 

A: There will be a number of GFS governors, Shelley Desborough and her senior management team and Comberton Academy Trust's Chief Executive, Stephen Munday.


Q: Will there be anyone at the March 7 meeting from the Local Authority?

A: No. The Local Authority has stated in their formal response to the consultation that they believe schools are best placed to decide their status unless there is an issue of educational standards (for example when a failing school has been placed in 'special measures' and an intervention is required).  The decision on the proposal rests with the governing board of GFS. The final decision on schools becoming academies rests with the Secretary of State for Education.


Q: Will there be anyone at the March 7 meeting from Stratton Education Trust (SET)?

A: No. However, as part of the wide reaching consultation we have of course requested formal comment on our proposal from SET.


Q: Why have GFS parents not been informed about the SET proposal ? 
A: Many parents are aware of the proposal SET recently submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council as it has been widely circulated and posted on social media. This is a separate issue to the proposal on which GFS is currently consulting.

Q: Can you precisely explain why Comberton Village College is so interested in a school that far away from them?
A: Under 11 miles is not far in a rural setting such as Gamlingay's. CVC's motto of 'Excellence For All' exemplifies their mission to help good schools become outstanding and for some to feed into the Trust's outstanding secondary schools. The pupils and staff both benefit from a consistently high and (importantly) long proven standard of both education and professional development.
Q: You are saying you are not after closure of the GVC but you think yourself that the GFS is under threat of dwindling numbers of pupils how can you think then that the GVC is going to survive?
A: The current consultation is specifically about GFS becoming an academy and joining CAT. The governors priority is the survival of their good school and the addition of educational choice to the village. Pupil numbers at GFS have been dwindling for some time now and the governors, at the behest of the parents, have been proactive in responding to this unsatisfactory situation. GFS parents (and the residents of this Cambridgeshire village that have an opinion on this subject) have made it clear, even prior to the previous consultation, that they require access to quality primary and secondary education as is the norm elsewhere in Cambridgeshire.

Q: Are you planning to move the GFS to the GVC site when they are forced to close ?
A: The governors do not recognise the rationale behind this question. This consultation is about GFS becoming an academy and joining CAT. GFS has no plans to move from its current site.


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