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Week Commencing 14 March 2016

Q: I read that there were to be 'all party talks' on 11 March to discuss Gamlingay education. What was the outcome?

A: The following joint statement was released by all attendees at 1pm on 14 March:


"As many of you may know, a meeting was held on Friday 11th March 2015 in Gamlingay for informal discussions regarding the educational landscape in and around Gamlingay and how this may change in the future. Present at the meeting were Heidi Allen MP, Councillor Sebastian Kindersley, a representative from the DfE Regional School's Commissioners office, representatives from Cambridgeshire County Council, the heads of Gamlingay First School (GFS), Gamlingay Village College, Stratton Upper School and Comberton Village College, representatives from the governing board of GFS and trustees from Stratton Education Trust and Comberton Academy Trust.
The discussions were open, frank and covered a whole range of possibilities for potential educational models for the future. Advantages and disadvantages were discussed and considered by all attendees.
The outcome of the discussions was an agreement that the priority for all was a shared objective to promote and develop excellent educational outcomes for children served by the schools in Gamlingay.
The current consultation by GFS regarding becoming an academy and joining Comberton Academy Trust will continue to its conclusion.
A commitment was made to continue a dialogue which will inform any potential future consultations and the management of any transition that may occur as a result of those consultations."


Q: I was not able to attend the public meeting organised by SET at GVC last Wednesday. Were there any new facts pertinent to the academy consultation discussed?

A: Now that the academy consultation has closed, we are in a position to share the following:

Yes, just the one. Rob Watson, Principal of Stratton Upper School, confirmed that SET would support the GFS governors proposal for GFS to become an academy and to join Comberton Academy Trust. This had been stated in writing to the governors the previous day as follows: 

"Stratton Education Trust recognises that the plan outlined, to become an Academy within Comberton Academy Trust, is entirely in keeping with the direction of government policy. We also recognise the many strengths of Comberton Academy Trust, not least their firm commitment to put the needs and achievements of young people at the heart of everything that they do. As a consequence, we would like to offer our support and endorsement of your proposal. We look forward to working with the trustees of Comberton Academy Trust in our shared mission of developing outstanding education provision."


Q: I read on social media that some GFS governors attended but did not take part in any of the discussions. Why was this?

A: Madeline Russell and Rob Watson spent the remainder of the meeting discussing issues specific to Stratton Upper School and GVC. The basis of which would only be relevant to any future consultation that may be launched by Comberton Academy Trust were GFS to become an academy and join CAT. Therefore, it would have been inappropriate for GFS governors to have engaged in such discussions as this might be interpreted as prejudging the outcome of the ongoing consultation. They attended solely in their capacity as interested parents and members of the community. 







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