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This half term we started learning about pirates. We came back after Christmas to find that Walter (our class lion puppet) had been 'cat-napped' but had managed to leave us some clues as to where he was. Mr Newman delivered the first message in a bottle from him and it took us on a hunt around the school. We eventually found Walter in the kitchen. We have been keeping a very close eye on him ever since!

Our first week back was very busy as apart from hunting down Walter we had our Comenious Craft day. We made salt dough, glass painted tea-light holders, French knitting bracelets, Hama bead patterns and jewellery. 

This week we had a visit from the skipping man who taught us how to jump consistently on the spot in order to time jumping the skipping rope. We had a go jumping with an adult, running past the skipping rope and jumping with a long rope. We had a lot of fun!

As we carry on looking at pirates we will be learning about pirate ships and building our own, telling Pirate stories, making treasure chests and maps as well as much much more. A busy term ahead!
We have had 3 1 5 4 0 visitors!