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Welcome to Our Class!

Welcome to Our Class! 1

Welcome to Kingfisher Class. We are a Year 3 Class.



Mrs Pearce (Monday and Tuesday morning)

Mrs Norman (Tuesday afternoon - Friday)


Teaching Assistant

Mrs Turner (all day Monday-Friday)



Our P.E. days are Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning.

Please remember to have your named P.E. kit in school on those days
and to remove any earrings before coming to school.



In Key Stage 2 we ask the children to bring in their own snack which they can have in the mornings. Please remember this needs to be a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or vegetable, dried fruit bar or cheese.



Homework needs to be handed in on a Tuesday as do Spellings. Spellings are handed out on a Thursday. Please refer to the Pick and Mix sheet to enable children to choose the pieces of homework they would like to do.

Children are able to show pieces of homework they have completed on Wednesdays.

Summer Term Overview

Sports Week

We have taken part in a variety of different sports activities this week, including Bollywood Dancing and Archery. We finished the week off with our sports day. Please take a look at our photos!

Sports Day

Sports Day 1 Our obstacle course race!
Sports Day 2 Our obstacle course race!

Dancing lesson


The Romans

This term the children have been enjoying learning about the Romans. In Art they have been creating shields and these are displayed in the classroom. In English they have been imagining what life might have been like for a Roman Soldier. They then wrote a letter home to family members to say what they saw, did and how they felt.
The children in Kingfisher Class have been taking part in cookery lessons this term. So far, they have made fairy cakes and apple tarts. They have been weighing ingredients, cracking and whisking eggs, as well as carefully chopping with knives. The children particularly enjoyed eating the finished product!

Buddy Reading with Wren Class

On Friday afternoons the children from Kingfisher Class meet up with the children from Wren Class to listen to the younger children read their books. They enjoy helping them learn new words!

Our Cold Places Dance motifs

In Dance, we have been working on a unit called 'Cold Places'. In these lessons we have investigated ways of travelling like snowflakes, icicles and penguins. In our lesson today, we worked with our learning partners to create a penguin motif. We had to waddle, huddle, slide and generally behave like penguins! We even had a phrase where we used the idea of 'Catch me if you can!'


Some children, as part of their home learning, have produced pieces of artwork in the style of Monet.

Food Tasting in Kingfisher Class

The children in Kingfisher Class had the opportunity to taste a variety of different European foods. We tried paella, tortilla chips, frittata and chorizo. Some of the children who were unsure about trying something new surprised themselves when they realised how delicious it was!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


Our new topic this term is 'Pack your Bags...'.


In Geography we will be finding out about countries in Europe, capital cities, rivers, mountains and famous landmarks. We will use atlases, maps and encyclopaedias to discover where in the world they are and interesting facts about them.


In Art we will look at some European famous artists such as Monet. We will also be creating some of our own beautiful pieces of artwork in the style of the Impressionist painters.


To start this term we will have Friendship Week where we will learn how to be a good friend and read stories about characters being good friends. This will support our PSHCE work and also, form the basis of our links with other European schools in the Erasmus project.

Spring Term Overview

Spring 1st Pick and Mix homework 2017

Our Topic


Our topic this half term is 'Once Upon a Time'. We have been learning about many different traditional tales both familiar and unfamiliar ones. We have looked at the history of Hans Christian Andersen and studied and listen to the music of Peter and the Wolf. We have also researched the life of its composer Sergei Prokofiev!


In Art and DT the children are making their own fairy tale scene after studying the scenes from the story 'The Princess and the Pea'.


Computing has been very exciting as we have a new program called 'Purple Mash'. This program has allowed the children to create a short animation. We are in the beginning stages of this and are hoping to upload some to the school website later on this term. Watch this space!


The children have been introduced to a new Maths scheme called 'Maths - No Problem' The children are getting to grips with this and photos will be uploaded soon.





Start as we mean to go on!

We have had a great start to the new school year. The children are getting used to the new routine of Year 3 and are becoming more independent. They are learning to be responsible for their own equipment and books. We also have class monitors that are responsible for certain equipment within the classroom. We feel this is important so please talk to the children about where they put their water bottles, reading books, reading diaries and homework books when they come in the classroom first thing in the morning.



We have had 3 1 5 1 9 visitors!