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Autumn Term

19th December 2014
This month we have been very busy getting ready for the festive season.  We have seen the Reception and Year 1 nativity performance, sang to grandparents, had a carol service with our parents, made glittery baubles, Christmas cards and reindeer and elf lollies. Thank you to parents who visited our market stall. 
We have also 'visited' South Africa through drama; written letters to Vusi the game keeper who had sent us a video and had a 'lekker' time learning about South Africa. 
It has been a very busy term and we are all ready for a holiday, especially Miss Henry!!  She would like to thank our mums and dads and carers for their support throughout the term and for all the lovely Christmas presents!  It was very generous of you all.  She wishes you and all your loved ones a very happy Christmas.

Homework for after Christmas
Find out about an animal that lives in the sea.  Please keep reading, writing and practising your maths on mathletics. 

3rd December 2014

In Maths this week we are learning to add on nearly numbers.  Nearly numbers are numbers that are nearly a multiple of 10, so they have 9 units.  We have looked at patterns and used 100 squares and number lines to add them.  
We have been learning about compound words.  Look around your house, can you think of any compound words?  
We have spotted some African animals in our classroom, like elephants, giraffes and lions!  Very strange!  We are writing letters to some experts to help us find out about them.  We have also been doing our own research so that we can look after them.  

18th November 2014
In Maths this week, we are looking at addition and subtraction patterns.  If 7-2 = 5 what does 47-2 equal? Knowing number facts really helps us!  We need to keep practicing these.
It is our class assembly this week. We will be sharing lots about what we have been learning about South Africa.  
Next week we are looking at postcards, if you have any postcards at home you could bring them in to share with us.    

11th November 2014

Over the next two weeks we are learning about fairy tales.  We will be writing a South African version of a well known fairy tale.  We have been given writing targets, mostly to improve our spelling of high frequency words and to improve our handwriting.  Watch out for spelling homework coming home soon!

In Maths we are learning about shape.  We have already looked at pentagons, hexagons and octagons.  Can anyone find out what a 7 sided shape is called?

4th November 2014
This week we are practising counting in 2s and 10s.  We are writing this as number sentences using add and multiply.  Do you know what 2 x 6 equals?  Can you work out what 10 x 4 is?  What patterns have you spotted?

We are learning to spell verbs that end in 'ed' and 'ing'?  What is a verb? 
Our topic this half term is A Walk around the World - South Africa. 

In literacy we are writing our own riddles.  Could you write a riddle where South Africa is the answer? 

22nd October 2014
This week we are learning to double and half?  What is double 18?  Can you half an odd number?

We have been learning to spell: could, should, would, asked and called.  

We have had 3 1 5 4 0 visitors!